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Kristen Olson Stone Fine Art

Paint A Tuscan Olive Orchard Online Paint Along Workshop

Paint A Tuscan Olive Orchard Online Paint Along Workshop

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Olive Orchard, Imprunetta, Tuscany

I had the delightful experience of staying at a villa in Tuscany with it's own olive orchard and winery. This is the amazing view we had of the orchard and hilltop town in the distance.

Greens are the most difficult color family to master. I'll demonstrate how to mix a variety of greens to create depth in the landscape as well as design a pathway through the orchard that is beautifully intersected by the dappled light and shadow of the olive trees.  I'll also show how to paint the distant hilltop town.

I teach in a structured way in order to demonstrate how to simplify a complicated landscape. Design with division of space, eye movement and get to the essence of your subject quickly. I also of course cover how to make expressive brushwork, edges, color mixing and more.  


Canvas or canvas boards, I prefer a medium or landscape weave.
Your choice of size

A selection of at least 5 brushes in a variety of shapes including rounds, flats, brights and filberts and in a selection of sizes from #2-#10
I enjoy using Bristlon brushes from The Silver Brush Company

I prefer Cobra Solvent Free oils or Rembrandt oil paints

Ultramarine blue deep or Cobalt blue Turquoise or permanent green deep
Pyrole red or Cadmium red light Quinacridone rose or permanent red violet Alizarin crimson or Permanent Madder Lake Cadmium yellow medium,
Cadmium yellow lemon Titanium white, Ivory black, Raw Sienna or transparent oxide yellow Burnt Sienna or transparent oxide red

What students say

I loved how you used a slightly different mix of colours as you continued, and you carefully and clearly explained the colours you were blending. This made it a lot easier to follow and achieve a result far greater than I thought I could have done otherwise. 

The construction lines were a great tool and explaining how they worked during the compositional stage really helped pull the foreground into the focal point. I kept this in mind as I continued the finishing touches and I believe it made a huge difference to my finished painting. 

My big 'aha' moment was when you were describing shapes and discussing having too many of the same size. I then looked at the positive and negative shapes and saw my work from a completely different perspective. This was a game changer for me. 


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