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Kristen Olson Stone Fine Art

Paint An Italian Garden With Gouache, Online Painting Workshop

Paint An Italian Garden With Gouache, Online Painting Workshop

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Let me show you step by step how to paint this contemporary gouache painting of a beautiful Italian Garden.  This is the Italian Garden at Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California.

I'll explain and demonstrate a variety of techniques to help you understand how to paint with this gorgeous medium. We will explore how to layer gouache, how to mix colors without making mud! How to make the paint look luminous and of course, brush techniques.

*Start, pause, rewind, replay unlimited to fit your schedule

*1 hour 29 minutes of video lesson time 

*Mix luminous colors not mud

*Learn brush techniques

*Create dimension with value shifts and color temperature changes

*Easy and portable, paint anytime, anywhere

I use Royal Talens Gouache, there is a set of 8 tubes that are
great to start with.

The 8 tube set includes
1.) White
2.) Lemon yellow
3.) Yellow
4.) Ultramarine deep
4.) Light blue cyan
6.) Black intenso
7.) Vermillion
8.) Permanent rose magenta
In addition to the colors included in the 8-tube set, I also sometimes use
1.) Naples Yellow
2.) Turquoise Green
3.) Lilac
4.) Deep yellow
Squeeze your colors out onto any watercolor palette or gouache palette.  Seal your colors with plastic wrap when not using.

I use watercolor brushes, round size #8 and or #6, a Black Velvet cats tongue brush 3/4”, and possibly a small round such as a #2 or 4.

I paint on watercolor paper, the size is up to you, the demonstration will be on a 9" x 12" block of Rembrandt watercolor paper.

You'll also need a cup of water, a few paper towels, and a #2 pencil or leadholder and a white plastic eraser.

What students say.......

Kristen is a patient and helpful teacher who is good at communicating her methods. I have taken lessons from her over the years. She is the only instructor I have ever had who responds to my emails with helpful critiques and is able to move me forward without hurting my highly sensitive feelings. Her versatility with various mediums is amazing and her color sense unsurpassed...........Sherree

I was amazed that by following your tutorial I watched as rocks underwater came alive in my painting and adding sea foam was made easy and simple. This were challenges in the past the prevented me from even contemplating painting seascapes. I loved how you used a slightly different mix of colours as you continued, and you carefully and clearly explained the colours you were blending. This made it a lot easier to follow and achieve a result far greater than I thought I could have done otherwise. ..........Helene

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