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Kristen Olson Stone Fine Art

Tuscan Picnic, Online Video Art Lesson

Tuscan Picnic, Online Video Art Lesson

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Learn to paint a charming scene of an outdoor picnic table in Tuscany set under a blossoming apple tree.  Light and shadow sparkle and are the theme of this impressionist style of painting. Learn new techniques as we explore design, division of space, drawing, blocking in the colors, in-depth color mixing and texture created with expressive brushstrokes.  This is a pre-recorded, edited video painting lesson, not a zoom class.

Supply list


Titanium white, cadmium yellow lemon, cadmium yellow medium, pyrole red or cadmium red light, quinacridone rose or permanent red violet or primary magenta, madder lake deep or alizarin crimson, turquoise or permanent green deep, ultrmarine  blue deep or cobalt blue, ivory black, raw siena or transparent oxide yellow, burnt siena or caput mortem violet.  I use Rembrandt oil paints and Cobra water mixable oils


An assortment of approximately 5 bristle brushes in a variety of sizes from #2-#6 in different shapes including rounds, filberts, cats tongue, brights and flats.  I use Silverbrush Bristlon brushes.


The size is up to you, I will demonstrate on a 10" square canvas.

I recommend Gamsol for odorless mineral spirits.


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