Painting en plein air at Buckingham Palace, London

Ever inspired by nature, I enjoy painting on location at home and abroad as well as creating large-scale, detailed studio paintings with multiple layers of paint. 

My paintings are a contemporary blend of realism and impressionism, through paint, I share my feelings for each place that I paint.

Each artwork is painted in such a way that when viewed at a close distance, the colors and texture are beautiful and interesting in their own abstract way, when viewed from a further distance, the shapes, colors and brushstrokes magically come together to reveal the painting's subject. 

I paint in multiple layers to give the effect of texture and movement.  This technique also makes the paintings look slightly different at different times of day as well as from different angles.  Oil is my primary medium, I also enjoy painting with watercolor, gouache and acrylic.  I enjoy taking my paints with along with me wherever I go in the world.

I've been teaching the joy of painting for over 20 years, generously sharing all that I know about art and painting with my students.  I've taught several plein air painting workshops in Italy and New Zealand and currently have workshops scheduled in Southern California.  I also have a wide range of pre-recorded online complete painting courses.

I am an Artist Ambassador for Royal Talens Paint Co. and Silverbrush Limited

 Commissioning An Original Painting

A commissioned painting is the perfect way to get exactly what you want for your space.  I enjoy working with collectors to paint exactly what they want. 

If you are reading this right now, hopefully that means you have seen my work and know you would like to have something similar to my style.  I am happy to discuss your ideas via email. I can paint almost any size and a wide range of subjects.  Email me at kristenpaints@gmail.com